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Who is The Dr Dorsey?

Hey There! Welcome to my website! I’m a nationally known motivational speaker, preacher, community empowerment specialist, leadership expert, and group facilitator. Can't wait to connect with you to see how we can get you energized and educated so that you can excel, exceed, and expand.

But before we do that I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself…

• I graduated with a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership.

• I was raised in Compton, California 

• I was educated in and matriculated through the public school system. 

• I gave my first public speech in the 2nd grade. 

• I preached my first sermon in my 4th year of college. 

I used to get in trouble for talking too much when I was younger. Now, I regularly speak to audiences and leaders around the country with the goal of helping every listener aspire to be better. I am determined to use my skill set to pull out the positive potential in others.

My passion is helping leaders realize their dreams. We all are given a limited time to explore our strengths, acknowledge our weaknesses, and live in a way that positively impacts others. I am convinced that one inspired focused leader can influence world change. My goal is to prove it to you!

Maybe I will get the chance to partner with, listen to, or connect with you as we explore your potential. Hope so! Welcome and enjoy! 

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